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Goodlifer: Good Stuff: iPad Air Cases

Good Stuff: Stylish, Well-Made iPad Air Cases

The iPhone 6 is out, and it looks an awful lot like an iPad. But everyone is talking about that. Instead, let’s focus on our favorite Apple gadget, the iPad Air, for a…

Goodlifer: Homeboy Industries

Homeboy Industries – Jobs, Hope & Transformation for LA’s Former Gang Members

Since 1988, Homeboy Industries has provided job training and counseling to thousands of former gang members, giving them a rare opportunity to change their lives. The organization was started by Father Greg Boyle…

Vivienne Westwood for Greenpeace/Save the Actic Photo: ©Andy Gotts MBE

Vivienne Westwood – Designer, Climate Activist, Fashion Icon

Upon entering the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s wildly popular exhibit Punk: Chaos to Couture, visitors were greeted by spiky-haired mannequins wearing outfits designed by Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren alongside couture designer pieces…

Goodlifer: The World's Longest Yard Sale Spans 6 States & Starts Today

The World’s Longest Yard Sale Spans 6 States & Starts Today

Looking for something to do this weekend? Why not hit the 127 Yard Sale, commonly referred to as “The World’s Longest Yard Sale.” Running from Gadsden, AL in the south to Addison, MI…

Goodlifer: Chia Summer Chillers

Good Drinking: Cold, Refreshing Chia Summer Chillers

On a hot summer day, what’s better than chilling oin the shade with a cold, refreshing drink? Not much. Skip those unhealthy options (goodbye soda and beer) and opt for something healthier —…

Goodlifer: Good Stuff: Happy Summer

Good Stuff: Happy Summer

With summer in full swing and sunshine in our hearts and minds, we’re feeling bright color and golden accents from brands working toward making the world a happier place for us all. Tuli…

Goodlifer: Why Hemp Should Be Your New Hero Food

Why Hemp Should Be Your New Hero Food

Hemp is quite an amazing plant, used not only for food but also to make things like paper, clothing and textiles, biofuel, beauty products and certain recreational products that may or may not…

Goodlifer: On the 100th Anniversary of Mother's Day, Remembering its Feminist, Non-Commercial Origins

On the 100th Anniversary of Mother’s Day, Remembering its Feminist, Non-Commercial Origins

Mother’s Day turns 100 this year. Although it’s become one of the most commercialized U.S. holidays, resulting in a projected 20 billion in spending and trailing only Christmas and Valentine’s Day in greeting…

Goodlifer: The UN Goes Bollywood for Freedom & Equality

The UN Goes Bollywood for Freedom & Equality

The United Nations’ Free & Equal initiative has created the first ever Bollywood music video for gay rights. The video, featuring Equality Champion Celina Jaitly serves as a beautiful reminder that everyone should…

Goodlifer: Fashion Revolution Day

Join the Fashion Revolution and Help Turn Fashion #InsideOut

On April 24th last year, 1133 people were killed as the Rana Plaza factory complex in Dhaka, Bangladesh collapsed in the middle of a work day. Many more were injured, and families are still…

Startup Stories: Factory45, an Accelerator Program for Made in the USA

Startup Stories: Factory45, an Accelerator Program for Made in the USA

The most successful entrepreneurs out there create because they simply cannot help themselves, and few stop at just one idea. Shannon Whitehead got her start in 2010 when she co-founded {r}evolution apparel, a…

Goodlifer: Good Stuff: Spring Fling

Good Stuff: Spring Fling

Spring is here, and with it comes bright color, vibrant patterns and anything-but-boring essentials. These pieces are classic and durable — perfect for vacations, staycations and lazy days in the sun. Sunshine Tote…


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