Holiday Gifts for the Urban Warrior

Goodlifer: Holiday Gifts for the Urban Warrior

The main thing cityfolk lack is space. So, when shopping for holiday gifts for your fellow urbanites, make sure you get them something useful — maybe something that’ll combat the stress of running around town and spending long days at work? Things made from old things. Things that reduce waste. Things that make dead space bloom, smell nice without toxins, hold your bag, keep you from slipping in yoga class or from getting sick. Here are some suggestions for fun, sustainable, affordable gifts for the urban (eco) warrior.

Goodlifer: Holiday Gifts for the Urban Warrior

Seed Bombs
Seed bombs are the weapon of choice for urban eco-warriors. Because all those empty lots where condo development has stalled just need something green growing on them. Make sure you choose the right one for your region — there’s Pacific Northwest, East Coast, Midwest, West Coast, Dog & Cat Friendly and, simply, herb.
$7 for a pouch of five, from Etsy-seller visalingual

Goodlifer: Holiday Gifts for the Urban Warrior

Crystal & Bullet Earrings
A pair of these gorgeously badass earrings made from crystals and used bullet casings will make any girl feel more like a warrior.
$26, from Etsy-seller savagesalvage (made to order)

Goodlifer: Holiday Gifts for the Urban Warrior

Handbag Hook
How much do we hate being stuck holding our bag in our lap because there are no hooks underneath the bar? A lot! This clever thing can be carried in the bag or used as a bracelet. Never let your friends’ bags hit the dirty floor again, they deserve better.
$19.99, from Clipa

Goodlifer: Holiday Gifts for the Urban Warrior

Jade Yoga Natural Rubber Mat
Yoga is the exercise of choice among stressed-out urbanites; it clears our minds and strengthens our bodies. But what about the mat? Unlike those synthetic ones, this natural rubber mat is not slippery nor smelly. Namaste.
$64.95, from Jade Yoga

Goodlifer: Holiday Gifts for the Urban Warrior

A Perfume Organic Perfume
Those of us who live in big cities get exposed to way more airborne toxins every day than we would like. Why add more? This certified organic perfume is made in NYC and contains none of the usual toxic suspects (which in regular perfumes, there are way too many of!).
$65, from A Perfume Organic

Goodlifer: Holiday Gifts for the Urban Warrior

Ceramic To-Go Cup & Sleeve
How many trips to the corner coffee shop does a New Yorker (or Angeleno) make in a day? How many paper cups are wasted as a result? Too many! That’s why all your friends should have this handy porcelain version with them at all times. Add a reusable cup cozy and make all their coffee breaks guilt-free!
Cup: $16, from UncommonGoods. Sleeve: $7, from Cup Kozy

Goodlifer: Holiday Gifts for the Urban Warrior. Photo by Vicky Brock, Creative Commons.

Local Honey
Eating honey made from pollen collected in your vicinity helps with allergies. In NYC, we can finally buy legal local honey (beekeeping was legalized just this year). It’s the yummiest medicine ever, and who doesn’t like honey?
Find it at your local farmers market, or on

Goodlifer: Holiday Gifts for the Urban Warrior

Recycled Leather Ottoman
Any city girl needs to kick up her feet after a long day of running around in heels. This cool cube ottoman is made using scraps from the making of ReMade USA’s handbags, which in turn are made from old leather jackets. Double recycling-points!
$275, from reMade USA

Happy Holidays to all my fellow eco warriors!

This story was written in collaboration with Coco Eco Magazine.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this list! Especially like the ceramic to-go coffee sleeve 🙂

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