Noosa Yoghurt – Made From a Secret Aussie Recipe

I’ve been eating yogurt regularly for decades. A few years back, I was in Australia for about a month, and one of the things I noticed was the incredible yogurt. I couldn’t figure out why it tasted so good; was it just because I was having so much fun on my trip? Finally, I asked my tour guide in Tasmania. Now, this wasn’t any old tour guide; this woman specialized in food-related tours, and she seemed to know every small-scale food producer on that island. She told me that Australia has long been recognized both for the exceptional quality of her dairy products and for great fruit. Goodlifer: Noosa Yoghurt

I haven’t been able to find yogurt like that in a long time, which was why I was so pleased when I found Noosa Yoghurt (“yoghurt” is the typical spelling in Australia). This is very thick, very creamy yogurt, with a good portion of fruit puree in the carton. Unlike a lot of yogurts I’ve tasted in the U.S. that are too tart for me, this is on the sweeter side (thanks partly to the use of honey), though it isn’t cloyingly sweet. Noosa Yoghurt is a farmstead yogurt, meaning it’s made on the same site where the milk is produced. The milk for this yogurt contains no rGBH, and the cows graze either on fresh pasture or consume grains grown at the dairy. No pesticides are used on these grains, as the dairy is in the transition period required for organic certification.

Goodlifer: Noosa Yoghurt

This product is currently available in six flavors. I haven’t been able to try the Honey, Peach, or Mango yet, but I love the Blueberry and the Raspberry (Strawberry Rhubarb just isn’t my cup of tea). But just as important as the taste is the fact that this yogurt really fills me up. Yes, that’s due to the fat content; that’s one of fat’s functions. In fact, my pet peeve with currently popular Greek yogurt is that so much of it is available only in nonfat versions. They’re OK, but I’m still hungry after I eat them. While I don’t agree with the manufacturers of Noosa Yoghurt that four ounces of their product is one serving, all of the reputable nutrition information I’ve seen lately states that full-fat dairy products are good for you. It’s just a question of consumption in moderation.

Goodlifer: Noosa Yoghurt

If you’re not terribly familiar with Australia, you’ve no doubt wondered about the name “Noosa.” Noosa is a popular vacation spot in Queensland, Australia, on what is called The Sunshine Coast. Noosa Yoghurt, however, is produced in Colorado. It is in somewhat limited distribution in the Midwestern and Eastern US, though I have been able to find it in the mid-Atlantic region; distribution is better in the Pacific Northwest, the Southwest, and southern CA. Find a store near you and try some yogurt that’s truly satisfying.

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  1. Noosa yoghurt? Sounds great to me. We are a small accommodation service in Noosa Heads QLD Australia and can vouch for the fact that Noosa is a great vacation spot. We have fantastic beaches, whales coming past in the winter (which is the best time of year) and world class events such as the Noosa Triathlon which was on last weekend. Take a moment to check us out and see what Noosa has to offer,

  2. I just found Noosa for the first time! I have to admit — I ate the entire carton instead of the half carton I intended — and it does say “two servings per container”. It is so creamy and delicious! I only bought one to try it out — but I’m now heading out to the store to buy more — I LOVE the taste! Plus it has probiotics ! How can you go wrong eating that? ? ? I’ve never liked yogurt much — just occasionally ate it. I can’t wait until tomorrow to have some more! WOW! I’m impressed with this product!

  3. I work at the grocery store, we just started carrying Noosa. I bought a blueberry, one of my favorite flavors, oh my! I will be buying this every week. So good, like the flavor, the sweet & tart ratio is perfect. I’ve tried every yogurt, even some while staying in Spain. This is defiantly a favorite. Thanks so much!

  4. Noosa is the best yoghurt I have ever had!

  5. Tried Noosa for the first time and I am hooked. It is the best yoghurt I have ever eaten.

  6. I am addicted to this yoghurt! the strawberry rubarb is by far my favorite and I wish you made a peach.
    The store in my neighborhood has stopped having it in stock and I don’t know if it is gone for good… I really need a fix. What an amazingly great addiction.

  7. Wow, if you think most American yogurts are too tart, that really goes a long way towards explaining why Noosa tasted like such a sugar-bomb! There’s no acid bite to offset all the sweetened fruit. Not impressed.

  8. Noosa is an excellent yoghurt. Where can it be found in the NY area? Target does not have it in stock.

  9. I am so loving Noosa – unfortunately my local SafeWay just stopped carrying it 🙁

  10. This Noosa yoghurt is great! My wife brought some home a few months ago. The whole family has been hooked on it ever since. We eat it as a desert. It’s better for you than eating ice cream and a little bit is very satisfying.

  11. Just bought Noosa’s strawberry rhubarb for the first time …. we love it! Will be trying all the other flavors, too. Thanks for going to the time and trouble to make something delicious and healthy.

  12. I discovered this amazing product just 10 days ago. I am hooked and preferred it to Sigis Icelandic yogurt. Thank you Target for carrying this product.


  14. Yes, I’m addicted too. Unfortunately, it is a MAJOR sugar bomb. I will be weaning myself off of this as soon as I finish off the 12 cartons in my fridge :-). Promise!

  15. When I saw it on the shelf, I thought it sounded interesting, so I bought one. I wish I would have bought more! It is the best yogurt I’ve ever had! So friggin’ delicious!!!

  16. tastes great but wayyyy too much sugar 40 grams per container is just too much try eating a skyrr yoghurt instead

  17. I have been buying Noosa for months from Costco and they have stopped carrying it- I bought it in Raleligh NC and wondered if you could tell me where is the closest location I can buy it now- thanks Gwen Thorne

  18. Gwen,

    I live in Durham and I see it all the time at Kroger and Harris Teeter.


  19. Gwen,

    I live in Durham and I see it all the time, sometimes on sale at Kroger and Harris Teeter.


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