Good Stuff: Happy Summer

Goodlifer: Good Stuff: Happy Summer

With summer in full swing and sunshine in our hearts and minds, we’re feeling bright color and golden accents from brands working toward making the world a happier place for us all.


Be Kiini

Tuli Bikini by Kiini

KIINI swimsuits are a combination of handmade crochet, elastic and high tech fabrics. Designer Ipek Irgit wanted to create a design that is perfect for women who are both active and style conscious, so her bikinis are created without clasps, buttons or ties, making them perfect for things like surfing or beach volley. There’s no way you could have a bad day at the beach wearing this.

Top $155 / Bottom $110, Kiini


Coleoptere Die Schrift ring

Die Schrift Pencil Ring

This ring is the perfect representation of the slow jewelry movement, both in how it’s made an in in where it draws inspiration. And ode to the (sometimes forgotten) art of handwriting, Coléoptère’s solid 18k yellow gold Die Schrift ring is handmade by skilled goldsmiths in California. Pieces are made to order, and this one is also available in platinum upon request.

$4,500, Coléoptère


Myrrhia gold polka dot dress

Gold Polka Lace Dress by Myrrhia
This silky metallic semi-transparent dress is the perfect embodiment of spring. It’s made using low-impact dyed tencel (which is made from sustainably harvested eucalyptus trees). The classic cut is elegant and makes it great for anything from work to weddings. Myrrhia’s fine knitwear is all ethically made in her Oakland, CA studio using no-waste textile equipment.

$161, Myrrhia


Kyyote necklace

Abstraction Necklace #6 by Kyyote
Kyyote designer Amanda Loos’ jewelry always has a playful edge that is both bohemian and modern. It’s also handcrafted in her studio in LA. In this necklace, colorful Japanese and Czech glass seed beads are mixed with coral accents and a handmade sterling silver hexagon.

$84, Kyyote


18 carat gold Happy Plugs

Happy Plugs Earbud Headphones
Swapping out your white earbud headphones for more colorful ones is a simple way to add a dose of instant happiness to your life. These ones are made by (aptly named) Happy Plugs and come in over a dozen colorful hues as well as 18 carat gold (for those of you with a slight Midas complex). They come with a built-in microphone for calls and and are compatible with all standard headphone jacks.

18 Carat Gold $14,500 / Other Colors $24.99, Happy Plugs


Fashion Revolution Day T-shirt

Fashion Revolution Day Tee
Fashion Revolution Day was held on April 24, to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse and start a serious movement for change within the fashion industry (which is the part that makes me happy). Support the fashion revolution and start a conversation about ethical fashion with this limited edition organic cotton tee, designed by Michael Stars and produced by Under the Canopy in a US geothermal/solar powered factory, using chemical-free seaweed-based dyes. Proceeds will go to the Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund, helping the victims and survivors of the Rana Plaza factory disaster. Join the Fashion Revolution.

$33, Modavanti & Ethica


Puritan's Pride Peppermint Essential Oil

Puritan’s Pride Peppermint Essential Oil
No matter how hard I try, I am not a morning person. I have found that putting a few drops of this peppermint oil in my palms, rubbing them together and breathing in the scent is an instant pick-me-up — in the morning or any time of day. You can also rub it onto your temples for a refreshing, rejuvenating lift, or enjoy its traditional uses for circulatory, digestive and nervous system health. Aromappeal’s oils are produced using either steam distillation or cold pressing, to ensure a pure aromatherapy experience.

$9.99, Puritan’s Pride


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