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Goodlifer: Good Gift Cards

This final good gift guide of the season is for all you forgetful procrastinators out there. Gift cards will never disappoint, but there’s no need to be as obvious as getting an Amazon or Starbucks one. Here are ten suggestions that are more personal, to make those important people on your list feel as special as they are.


Goodlifer: Good Gift Cards: Honest Co.

For the Healthy Family: The Honest Company

They can buy everything from diapers to shampoo — all natural and nicely packaged.

Available in values of $10 – $500, The Honest Company


For the Patriot: Makers Market

They can choose from a variety of Made-in-the-US products that honor “the ideals of American craftsmanship, each inspired by the heart and soul of an emerging maker.”

Available in any value between $10 & $1,000, Makers Market


Goodlifer: Good Gift Cards: Modavanti

For the Conscious Fashionista: Modavanti

They can choose from a well-curated selection of ethically made goods, including designer

Available in any value between $10 & $1,000, Modavanti



For the Single Lady: A Manservant

A Manservants duties include waiting you on hand and foot, taking photos, serving drink, giving endless compliments, acting as bodyguard and cleaning up your hot mess. You can decide what they look like, how they dress, and even give them a name of your choosing.

$125 per hour, Manservant


For the DIY Connoisseur: Etsy

They can buy anything homemade under the sun. If you can think of it, someone on Etsy is making it.

Available in values from $25 – $250, Etsy


Goodlifer: Good Gift Cards: Shop Latitude

For the Gypsetter: Shop Latitude

They can choose from a curated selection of goods from around the globe — from candles to kaftans.

Available in values from $50 – $1,000, Shop Latitude


Goodlifer: Good Gift Cards: Everlane

For the Minimalist: Everlane

Everlane has pioneered what they refer to as radical transparency, working directly with ethical manufacturers and selling directly to consumers — cutting out the middleman. Every piece is a perfect wardrobe staple.

Available in values from $25 – $200, Everlane


For the Budding Entrepreneur: Moo

Anyone who’s starting a business needs business cards. Moo makes it super easy, offering a wide variety of designs to choose from, making your friend look like a true pro.

Available in values from $10 – $100, Moo


Goodlifer: Good Gift Cards: Heath Ceramics

For the Newlyweds: Heath Ceramics

They can choose from Heath’s timeless selection of dinnerware, pottery and vases. Because everyone needs a great set of dishes.

Available in any amount, Heath Ceramics


Goodlifer: Good Gift Cards: Giggle

For the New Parents: Giggle

I know because I am one, new parents need a lot of stuff. Giggle carries a great selection of eco-conscious clothing and goods for the little ones.

Available in values from $25 – $500, Giggle



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