Good Gifts for Your (Lady) Love

Goodlifer: Good Gifts for Your (Lady) Love

This gift guide is for you men out there desperately wondering what to get that special lady in your life for the holidays. Our suggestions include beautifully handmade objects and wearables, lots of cashmere, ethically sourced diamonds, and something that celebrates a special moment in your life together.


Good Gifts for Your (Lady) Love: 3D Printed LOVE Sculpture

3D Printed LOVE Sculpture
This desktop version of Robert Indiana’s iconic LOVE sculpture is 3D printed with PLA plastic. Tell her you want her to put it in a prominent place to serve as a reminder of your love for her every time she looks at it. It comes in multiple colors, but red is always a safe bet. For those of you who have access to a 3D printer, you can download the open source design file from Makerbot’s Thingiverse and print it yourself!

$36, Brit+Co


Good Gifts for Your (Lady) Love: Nisolo Tote

Nisolo Lori Color Block Tote
No matter how many bags she has in her closet, she will most likely always reach for a tote bag — they’re just so darn practical. Nisolo’s Lori tote is one of those ultimate carry-alls. Handmade in Peru from caramel and navy leather that is soft yet sturdy, it will only grow more beautiful with time — just like your relationship (boom!).

$178, Nisolo


Good Gifts for Your (Lady) Love: Loup Charmant Monkey Hat

Loup Charmant Cashmere Monkey Hat

This adorable hat is hand knit in Nepal from 4 ply cashmere. Loup Charmant designer Kee Edwards created it for walking her dog on the cold and windy waterfront of the New York Harbor. She suggests you wear the face up for cold winter days and pulled down for hot chocolate and kisses. No matter what, it will keep your lady love warm and snuggly all winter long.

$185, Loup Charmant


Good Gifts for Your (Lady) Love: Asterisk Large Party Drop Earrings by Coléoptère

Asterisk Large Party Drop Earrings by Coléoptère

For big spenders, these earrings by Coléoptère are just the thing. They’re made by hand in California, from solid 18 karat yellow gold (also available in platinum upon request). The end of each asterisk is studded with a white Canadian (i.e. non-blood) diamond. Nothing says “I love you” like diamonds, right?

$12,250, Coléoptère


Good Gifts for Your (Lady) Love: Melissa Joy Manning x The Style Line Jewelry Boxes

Melissa Joy Manning x The Style Line Jewelry Boxes

The beautiful, unique jewelry boxes in the Echo Collection are a collaboration between Melissa Joy Manning and Rachel Schwartzmann of The Style Line. Designed and produced with responsibly sourced stones and reclaimed wood, the boxes celebrate quality craftsmanship and the handmade process. 10% of all proceeds from the collection will go to CFDA’s Sustainability Fund, helping create change within the fashion industry.

$100-$600, Melissa Joy Manning


Good Gifts for Your (Lady) Love: Instantly Framed Print

Instantly Framed Print

Celebrate your love for her by giving her a print of one of your favorite moments together. Instantly Framed is an app that allows you to order a beautiful framed square print, right from your phone. (This print is by Amanda Jane Jones and not for sale.) It’s super quick and easy. Until December 31, Goodlifer readers can get $10 off each order using the discount code GOODLIFER10.

$65, Instantly Framed


Good Gifts for Your (Lady) Love: Averti Crop Tank

Averti Crop Tank

Any girl likes when her man buys her sexy lingerie. Avoid tricky size situations (god forbid you’d buy her a bra that was too big, or too small!) and go for something simple and ethereal, like this crop tank from LA-based loungewear label Averti. The beautiful organic silk chiffon fabric with green speckles is slightly transparent and the shape is basic, comfortable, and lightweight — sexy yet perfectly effortless.

$150, Averti


Good Gifts for Your (Lady) Love: Fibre Tibet Cashmere Throw

Handwoven Tibetan Cashmere Throw with Indigo Endless Knot

Tell her how much you value snuggle time on the sofa with this super soft, luxurious handwoven cashmere throw. Fibre Tibet employs Tibetan nomads to gather cashmere that is then woven by artisans in a cooperative in Kathmandu, Nepal. All profits are returned the nomads (who live on less than $1 per day) and weavers, generating a positive social, environmental and economic impact in the region.

$500, Fibre Tibet


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