Goodlifer: Veuve Clicquot Goes Eco-Luxe With New Sustainable Packaging

Veuve Clicquot Goes Eco-Luxe With New Sustainable Packaging

It’s no secret that two of the things we like most here at Goodlifer are the color yellow and champagne. Imagine our excitement when we saw the new sustainability initiative from Veuve Cliquot,…

Write This Down: Notes from the National Stationery Show

Write This Down: Sustainable Stationery for Every Occasion

Creativity is alive and well! We were floored by the multiple examples we saw at the National Stationery Show in NYC — beautiful designs, clever wording, brilliant concepts. And who knew that so…

Goodlifer: Gangsta Gardening in South Central LA

Gangsta Gardening in South Central LA

A good TED talk is one that leaves us inspired, excited and slightly taken aback by the unexpected. Artist and designer Ron Finley grew up in LA’s rough South Central neighborhood and was…

Goodlifer: Earth Month in NYC

Goodlifer’s Guide to Spontaneous Discoveries in NYC

For me, Earth Month in New York City was filled with all new places to eat, sleep and talk wildly into the night in, (which is what a city like New York should…

Goodlifer: Do The Math For Earth Day

Do The Math For Earth Day

On April 21 — Earth Night, the day before Earth Day — thousands of people at campuses, community centers, places of worship, public spaces and house parties across the country will tune in…

Goodlifer: 5 Ideas That Will Make LA More Livable For Bikers & Pedestrians

5 Ideas That Will Make LA More Livable For Bikers & Pedestrians

If there’s one thing Angelenos talk about more than anything else it’s traffic. And for good reason — LA seems to be trapped in eternal gridlock. How can we transform one of the…

Goodlifer: Good Wheels: KIA Optima Hybrid Test Drive

Good Wheels: Kia Optima Hybrid Test Drive

In this series on sustainable mobility, we will be looking at the full spectrum of cleaner, greener modes of personal transportation, from the latest electric vehicles to the best ideas for getting in…

Goodlifer: Thailand Promises to End Ivory Trade

Thailand Promises to End Ivory Trade

At the opening of the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (CITES) in Bangkok, Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra pledged to start a legislative process that will…

Goodlifer: Celebrities Unite Against Fracking

Celebrities Unite Against Fracking

After unsuccessfully trying for months to get a face-to-face meeting with New York Governor Andrew Coumo, Yoko Ono had enough. “Since you haven’t met with me about the dangers of fracking,” the artist…

Goodlifer: in.gredients - a zero-Waste Food Store in Austin, Texas

in.gredients – A Zero Waste Food Store in Austin, Texas

You may have heard the rule about shopping on the perimeter of the grocery store to find the healthy stuff. One grocery store in Austin, Texas, has taken this to the next level…

Goodlifer: Help Us Build Urban Gardens Across America

Help Us Crowdfund School Gardens Across America

Giving children access to fresh food and showing them how it is grown will empower them for life. This is why school gardens are such a great thing. Instead of bringing kids to…

Allure Energy EverSense

The Smart Home: EverSense

The Takeaway: EverSense is a new, wi-fi enabled smart thermostat and home energy management system that uses unique location-based proximity controls via mobile devices and apps that allow you to control home energy…


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