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Goodlifer: Manufacture NY Wants To Create a New Fashion District in Brooklyn

Creating a New Fashion & Manufacturing District in Brooklyn

“Made in the US” has become quite the buzzword lately, and is widely considered one of the corner stones of sustainable fashion. In order to promote locally made fashion, it’s imperative that we…

Goodlifer: Good Stuff: Earthy, Edgy, Golden

Good Stuff: Earthy, Edgy, Golden

As the New Year approaches (and we are entering a new Mayan World Age), earthy golden hues make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. New York City on a chain, versatile basics,…

VIDEO: Suzanne Rae’s Homage to New York City

FALL- SUZANNE RAE- F/W 2012 from PURPLE MILK on Vimeo. Brooklyn based fashion designer Suzanne Rae recently debuted a new short film to introduce her Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Directed by filmmakers Natalia Leite…

Goodlifer: OMilk

Milk Without the Moo, Delivered to Your Door

Today, it seems, more and more people are”not really doing dairy anymore.” Perhaps for good reason, as many people really are sensitive to the effects of dairy without even knowing it (I know…

Goodlifer: Fashion Editorial: Afternoon in Brooklyn

FASHION EDITORIAL: Afternoon in Brooklyn

A while back, Goodlifer was approached by Brooklyn-based handbag designer Shannon South to do a photo shoot for her latest collection (which is, of course, amazing). Instead of just doing a handbag shoot,…

Good Stuff: Nature Girl

Sometimes a girl needs a little help getting through the winter. For me, an organic wool coat, some great boots, a luscious scrub, immune-boosting essential oil and some great jewelry works wonders. And,…

Goodlifer: H Fredriksson: Sustainable Swedish Fashion in NYC

H Fredriksson: Sustainable Swedish Fashion in NYC

Stockholm Fashion Week is fully under way, and for those of us who can’t be there, I decided to find out what Swedish design in New York City looks like. I caught up…

Goodlifer: The Art of Eating In... and Finding Yourself

The Art of Eating In… and Finding Yourself

The saying goes that New York apartments no longer need kitchens because nobody cooks anymore. Although that may not actually be the case, it is not too far from the truth. If you’ve…

Goodlifer: Stacey Murphy - BK Farmyards

Stacey Murphy – BK Farmyards

Only a few New Yorkers are fortunate enough to have outdoor space to call their own; even fewer know how (or have the desire) to grow anything in their garden. This is where…

Jay Parkinson - Healthcare Innovator & Founder of Hello Health

Jay Parkinson – Healthcare Innovator & Founder of Hello Health

Healthcare needs a redesign. No one could agree with that more than Dr. Jay Parkinson. After completing his residency at Johns Hopkins, he started a medical practice called Hello Health, based in a…

Goodlifer: Heritage Radio Network - Food-centric Radio from Brooklyn

Heritage Radio Network – Food-centric Radio from Brooklyn

In the back garden of Roberta’s Pizza at 261 Moore Street in Bushwick, Brooklyn are two used shipping containers; ordinary-looking on the outside, anything but on the inside. This is the headquarters of…

Goodlifer: The Waterpod Project - A Self-sustaining Ecosystem on the Manhattan Waterfront

The Waterpod Project – A Self-sustaining Ecosystem on the Manhattan Waterfront

With resources on land becoming scarcer by the day, and sea levels rising, the idea that we may one day have to adapt to life on the sea may not be so far…


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