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Blue Hill Launches Savory Yogurt in Flavors like Tomato, Parsnip & Beet

Blue Hill Launches Savory Yogurt in Flavors Like Tomato, Parsnip & Beet

We could all benefit from adding more vegetables into our diet. But in our yogurt? Bet you never thought about that. The recently launched line of yogurts by Blue Hill features six savory…

Goodlifer: 1000 Chefs Against GMOs

1000 Chefs Against GMOs

On November 6th, Californians will go to the ballot box to determine the future of food. Proposition 37—The Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act—requires clear labels letting consumers know if foods are…

Goodlifer: The Edible Garden

The Edible Garden

Long before E.O. Wilson gave the condition a name, humans — city dwellers in particular — have felt a need to somehow be close to nature. Wilson dubbed it Biophilia and we see…

Goodlifer: Dining as Experience

Dining as Experience

New Yorkers crave new, unique, over-the-top and authentic experiences. This is not so much a revelation as an unspoken compact that is part of the deal of living in this metropolitan city. This…


What constitutes the good life? It’s a question we’ve asked ourselves since the dawn of time and something we all strive for. To us, the good life is not a destination but a journey. We want to see more positivity in the world. Thinking happy thoughts makes for happy people, and happy people are more productive, innovative and at peace with the world. We believe in the transformative power of good news.

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