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A Mind & Body Reboot: Results, New Habits & Wellness for Life

Two and a half months ago I embarked on a challenge to reboot my mind and body and take control of my personal health and wellness once and for all. The three-week program,…

A Mind & Body Reboot: The Travel Challenge

On the third, and last, week of my Best Body Reboot Program, I had to travel for work. We all know how difficult it can be to eat well while traveling. But, let…

Goodlifer: Hacking For Social Good - Using Open Data to Make Sense of our Food System

Hacking For Social Good – Using Open Data to Make Sense of our Food System

It was 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning in Soho, the streets lay quiet and Broadway was not yet filled with shopping tourists. Though one floor above, at co-working space Soho Haven, there…

Goodlifer: Crafting a New Food System

Crafting a New Food System

Most of us in the Western world do not really eat food anymore, instead consuming what Michael Pollan calls food-like substances, engineered by food scientists to provide maximum “nutrition” (read calories) at minimum…


What constitutes the good life? It’s a question we’ve asked ourselves since the dawn of time and something we all strive for. To us, the good life is not a destination but a journey. We want to see more positivity in the world. Thinking happy thoughts makes for happy people, and happy people are more productive, innovative and at peace with the world. We believe in the transformative power of good news.

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