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Goodlifer: Cooking Connection: Balanced Eating

Cooking Connection: Balanced Eating

“The problem,” he would tell me over and over again every week as I sat in my piano teacher’s living room, “is that people are either intelligent or physically fit. No one meets…

Goodlifer: Cooking Connection: Stages of Love

Cooking Connection: The Stages of Love

I would fantasize about them all winter. As the snow mounted and the darkness of the season began to invade the days, I became obsessed. Supple. Lush. Juicy. Standing at the bus stop…

Goodlifer: Cooking Connection: Agitators

Cooking Connection: Agitators

His biggest sin, was not eating the cold cuts. After that Patricia wanted nothing to do with him. She didn’t simply avoid socializing with him. She took it further, ignoring him at office…

Goodlifer: Cooking Connection: The Difficulty With Manners

Cooking Connection: The Difficulty With Manners

“Back then restaurants would make you anything you wanted,” my father has a way of making the things he says and does sound reasonable. “So you just demanded tomato soup?” I smiled, pushing…

Goodlifer: Cooking Connection: Wine Without Laws

Cooking Connection: Wine Without Laws

The kid’s been screaming for about thirty minutes. I know because I keep glancing covertly at my wrist watch, wondering “God will he just shut up.” The restaurant is so loud, no one…

Goodlifer: Cooking Connection: Stuffed Chicken

Cooking Connection: Stuffed Chicken

At first every thing seems fine. You may not even realize it. You go to meetings. You smile. Now and then, they ask your opinion or for your help with some seemingly benign…

Goodlifer: Cooking Connection

Cooking Connection

“It’s complicated maintaining a kitchen,” my wife said to me, as I began unpacking and assembling our new food mill. “I guess so,” I was instantly uncomfortable with the word “complicated.” I’ve always…


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