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Goodlifer: Snoop Lion Joins the Fight Against Gun Violence

Snoop Lion Joins the Fight Against Gun Violence

When it comes to personal transformation, Calvin Broadus has made quite the journey. From Snoop Dogg, the gun-glorifying gangsta rapper to Snoop Lion, the peace-loving reggae artist. He’s also taken an active stance in…

Goodlifer: Birds on Wire - Music Inspired by Nature

Birds on Wire – Music Inspired by Nature

Bird sounds are one of nature’s finest forms of music and have probably inspired many musicians. But, what happens when the birds don’t even know they are making music? We took this picture…

Goodlifer: Karen Kanan Corrêa

Creating Beautiful Music and a Better World – Q&A with Futurebrite

In honor of International Women’s Day, we would like to introduce you to one of our favorite women. Karen Kanan Corrêa is a singer-songwriter who, when she’s not creating amazing music, somehow also…

Goodlifer: Landfill Harmonic - Creating Beautiful Music on Instruments Made From Trash

Landfill Harmonic – Creating Beautiful Music on Instruments Made From Trash

In Cateura, a slum built atop a landfill in Paraguay, young people are discovering the joys of art, music and creativity. They don’t have money to buy expensive instruments — a violin is…

Goodlifer: Loves and Lighthouses

Loves and Lighthouses

“He slept that night thinking of loves and lighthouses. That one love might shine to bring all loves home.” – Jamie O’Neill

Goodlifer: Spring Affair

Spring Affair

Spring is in the air, time to refresh and to re-energize. Living things are stretching and yawning after a long sleep. Put away those heavy winter books, Shed your chrysalis and expand your…

Goodlifer: LOVE


I hear you coming, footsteps that echo from the hall I wait patiently

Goodlifer: 98.6 and Rising

98.6 and Rising

Regardless of where you find yourself at this moment — in 20F New York… or 81F Miami Beach — may this playlist be your backdrop for a good snuggle by a toasty fire,…

Goodlifer: Night


“Whistling in the darkness, shining in the light, Trip the light fantastic, dance the swivel hips” – Grace Jones

Weekend Playlist: WALK

Weekend Playlist: WALK

Your carbon footprint is huge!… walk. Nothing will be decided at the Copenhagen Summit… walk. That über party is dull?… walk. You are showered, dressed and night beckons… walk. You have doubts about…

Goodlifer: Weekend Playlist: V

Weekend Playlist: V.

“Do you know how few vampires have the stamina for immortality?” “Very few things really seek knowledge in this world. Mortal or immortal, few really ask. On the contrary, they try to wring…

Goodlifer: Weekend Playlist: Dark and Lovely

Weekend Playlist: Dark and Lovely

Listening to WEDR, The Black Giant, in Miami and hearing SWEET THING by Rufus for the first time in the backseat of a hand-me-down turquoise Oldsmobile Cutlass. Going to The Public Lounge for…


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