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Goodlifer: Cacao Puro: Kaka'wa Cocoa Beans

Cocoa Puro: Kaka’wa Cocoa Beans

What’s your favorite kind of chocolate? Milk? Dark? White? What if I found you a confection where you could experience all three kinds, plus other chocolate tastes? Everyone knows that cocoa beans are…

John & Kira's - Chocolate with a Backstory

John & Kira’s – Chocolate with a Backstory

Do you consider chocolate to be one of the essential food groups? I know I do. I’m not talking about mass-market, overly-sweet imitations here, mind you; I mean real chocolate, made by people…

Goodlifer: Chocolatiers in America: Antoine Amrani

Chocolatiers in America: Antoine Amrani

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. With due apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning, I have a new deep affection; it’s reserved for something slightly less spiritual than her passion,…

Goodlifer: Chocolatiers in America: Knipschildt

Chocolatiers in America: Knipschildt

If I had to choose three words to describe Fritz Knipschildt, I think “innovative, innovative, and innovative” sum him up best. If Fritz ever stops thinking about new creations, and new ways for…

Goodlifer: Chocolatiers in America: Nunu Chocolates

Chocolatiers in America: Nunu Chocolates

I first encountered Nunu Chocolates at the Brooklyn Flea. The quirkily shaped chocolate bonbons artfully arranged on the outdoor market table definitely got my attention, but they also made me somewhat skeptical. Chocolates…

Goodlifer: Chocolatiers in America: Fine & Raw

Chocolatiers in America: Fine & Raw

If chocolate wasn’t good for you, then why would it taste so darn good? Fine & Raw chocolate may be as close to a health food as they come. Using only natural ingredients…

Goodlifer: Chocolatiers in America: Bon Bon Bar

Chocolatiers in America: Bon Bon Bar

Did you ever wonder why it is that, in an era of sophisticated, artisanal, fancy-schmancy chocolates, people aren’t producing good-quality candy bars? I know I have. Most of the time, if I want…


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