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Feral Childe Spring 2013: The Searchers

Feral Childe Spring 2013: The Searchers

In our ongoing search for the underpinnings of the good life, we are continually looking for better ways of doing things, slowing our pace even, and carving out a better future. Some folks…

The Lexicon of Sustainability

No matter how educated we are in various areas of sustainability, it’s easy to sometimes get stuck in the terminology of it all, especially since so much good stuff is going on. This…

Good News: Week 9

Want to live to be 125? Take a cue from one North Carolina man who thinks he can beat aging by following a specific nutrient-dense diet. Younger generations of farmers find themselves fixing…

Goodlifer: Empowering Africa Through Fashion: EDUN's Grow to Sew

Empowering Africa Through Fashion: EDUN’s Grow to Sew

Launched in 2005 by husband and wife Bono and Ali Hewson, sustainably-minded fashion label EDUN has launched its first collection since being acquired by luxury group LVMH last year. The Pre-Fall Collection, created…

Goodlifer: Liberating Sustainable Beef Producers in the Northeast

Liberating Sustainable Beef Producers in the Northeast

At Scott Stringer’s NYC Food & Climate Summit this past winter, one issue that was consistently brought up was the complete lack of slaughterhouses in New York State. Even though land in this…

Goodlifer: Slow Money: Sustainable Investing

Slow Money: Sustainable Investing

The speed at which stock exchanges and money markets move these days is astonishing; trillions of dollars are zipping around the world each day, faster than any of us can truly fathom. The…

Goodlifer: Stacey Murphy - BK Farmyards

Stacey Murphy – BK Farmyards

Only a few New Yorkers are fortunate enough to have outdoor space to call their own; even fewer know how (or have the desire) to grow anything in their garden. This is where…

Goodlifer: Endangered Foods

Endangered Foods

We have all heard about endangered species, animals at risk of perishing because of altered conditions in their natural habitats, some caused by humans. Many do not know that the way we grow,…

Fresh - Inspiring Change in Our Food System

Fresh – Inspiring Change in Our Food System

When we look back at this time a half century from now, how will we feel about our actions (or inactions)? Ana Sofia Joanes, director of the documentary Fresh, compares it to living…

Goodlifer: What's your Foodprint?

What’s your Foodprint?

Globally, an estimated one-third of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions are from our food system and land use changes, which include GHGs emitted to grow, process, package, transport, store and dispose our food….

Goodlifer: It's All Peachy at Frog Hollow Farm

It’s All Peachy at Frog Hollow Farm

Whenever I’m in San Francisco, a stop at the Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market is a must. During the growing season, you’ll always find incredible produce there. Some of the best comes from Frog…

Goodlifer: The Waterpod Project - A Self-sustaining Ecosystem on the Manhattan Waterfront

The Waterpod Project – A Self-sustaining Ecosystem on the Manhattan Waterfront

With resources on land becoming scarcer by the day, and sea levels rising, the idea that we may one day have to adapt to life on the sea may not be so far…


What constitutes the good life? It’s a question we’ve asked ourselves since the dawn of time and something we all strive for. To us, the good life is not a destination but a journey. We want to see more positivity in the world. Thinking happy thoughts makes for happy people, and happy people are more productive, innovative and at peace with the world. We believe in the transformative power of good news.

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