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Goodlifer: The Landfill

Trash Becomes Energy at a Small New York Landfill

It’s time to think differently about garbage. The United States produces 390 billion pounds of garbage every year, and finding places to dispose of it is a serious environmental and economic challenge. We…

Goodlifer: Liberating Sustainable Beef Producers in the Northeast

Liberating Sustainable Beef Producers in the Northeast

At Scott Stringer’s NYC Food & Climate Summit this past winter, one issue that was consistently brought up was the complete lack of slaughterhouses in New York State. Even though land in this…

Goodlifer: What's Your Favorite Place on Earth?

What’s Your Favorite Place on Earth?

Sitting on a rocky slope, warmed up from a long day of sunshine, the sun low over the horizon. It’s a mid-summer evening in Stockholm’s archipelago, no sound but chirping birds and clucking…

Goodlifer: A Quiet Grass-fed Revolution

A Quiet Grass-fed Revolution

Something exciting is afoot in upstate New York. Quietly unworked dairy farms have been transitioning into grass-fed beef operations under the passionate stewardship of unconventional farmers. This new breed of Farmer comes to…

Goodlifer: CSA Harvest Party in Upstate New York

CSA Harvest Party in Upstate New York

The first great thing about being part of a CSA is knowing exactly where your food is coming from, and actually being able to visit your future salad while it is still growing…

Goodlifer: CSA: Foraging at Paisley Farm

CSA: Foraging at Paisley Farm

One of the added benefits of joining a CSA is the ability to pay a visit to the farm where your food will be grown. Mine, Paisley Farm in Tivoli, NY, just decided…


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