Disruptive Innovation: The 360 Paper Water Bottle

Goodlifer: Disruptive Innovation: The 360 Paper Water Bottle

Every day, Americans throw out somewhere around 60 million plastic bottles, many of them previously used to contain water. It’s a staggering figure, and the global market is projected to reach just over 174 billion liters annually, nearly a 78% increase from the 98 billion liters sold in 1999.

The Cincinnati-based firm brandimage designed and engineered the 360 Paper Water Bottle in response to this problem. Made of sustainable materials such as bamboo and palm leaf sheets that are pressed into shape, coated with micro-thin PLA film and designed to be assembled by snapping off and reassembling parts, the 360 challenges our notion of water carriers.


Snap off the cap, peel apart and secure it in the loop.

Bottles are designed to self-bundle, eliminating the need for six-pack carriers. Shipping pallets also work double duty as point of sale displays, simply by removing snap-off vertical stanchions. The natural properties of the material is used to differentiate color of the bottles, the type could blind embossed directly onto the package or printed with vegetable inks.


Cleverly designed carriers eliminate the need for excessive shipping materials.

I want to believe in this innovation. If we were starting from scratch, it would be a highly efficient wholesome system, designed with the entire lifecycle in mind. I just can’t shake the feeling that is may be just a bit too idealistic. The project was self-initiated and brandimage claims to be courting offers from some of the largest producers in the world. They state on their website that the concept will only be sold to a company that will not compromise its integrity, while staying true to all principles of responsible design. Until then, I will continue to bring my own reusable bottle of purified tap water.

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  1. I think this could be cool if coke or pepsi adopted these bottles for their products. I doubt we’ll ever get the rubes to stop drinking bottled soda so it might as well come in a bottle that’s more likely to break down in a landfill.

    but, what strikes me most about this product, unless I’m missing something… is although it is mentioned the product is fabricated with sustainable materials, what about the decomposition of this product? What’s their plan for the waste? Without that consideration it’s a good design poorly executed. Oh well.

  2. One other thought… with those sharp edges… how does this feel to hold in your hand? I doubt it’s very comfortable. I guess it’s not really a good design at all.

    Again… oh well.

  3. This feel interesting and highly green.Such innovation will turn into a better greeen world.Can more info on this be posted.Can some info be posted on the supplier,contacts etc?

  4. Your best bet would probably be to contact the design firm, Brandimage, to obtain more information.

  5. More needs to be done to reduce plastic waste into our water systems and oceans.

    Very little plastic (less than 1%) is recycled, and it is a very energy intensive process. Raw plastic can easily be derived from oil and fossil fuels, then pollutes oceans and global waste landfills at an alarming rate.

    Howard Siow
    MyPak Packaging

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