Works That Work: A Magazine of Unexpected Creativity

Works That Work

A week and a half ago I received the premier issue of a magazine that I have been thoroughly looking forward to, Peter Bil’ak’s Works That Work: A Magazine of Unexpected Creativity.

Mid-sized and with a wide array of contents, the magazine felt refreshing and had a good balance of diversity in its 84 pages. A mix of paper stock, mix of article length, mix of visual and purely narrative content.

Creativity as presented in the magazine included write-ups of a mix of clever, of-and-for the masses solutions. How do you design coins for a mixed population without a standardized system for writing numbers? (A: hand gesture drawings). Every design student’s 101 course is to design a chair, but what are vernacular solutions that reside outside of 3D modeling software? (A: see cover, also a fuller photo essay inside).

  Please subscribe to Works That Work, sign in if you’re already a customer, or buy this article only for €1. Space for People, Not for Cars, by Viveka van de Vliet

Space for People, Not for Cars, by Viveka van de Vliet

One article explores, and advocates for, Hans Monderman’s Shared Space traffic design philosophy. A fourth looks at the functional side of urinal art. A lovely interview with Linda Asher discusses what it takes for a successful translation. David Ives touches on the same topic with the script from a play titled The Universal Language.

 Aiming To Reduce Cleaning Costs, by Blake Evans-Pritchard

Aiming To Reduce Cleaning Costs, by Blake Evans-Pritchard

Brimming with stories creativity and humanity, the magazine reminds me in segments of Alex Steffen’s Worldchanging books, or possibly a cross-pollinated sprout of TED talks and Cabinet Magazine. In any case, it’s a wonderful discovery which I highly recommend, and hope it succeeds into many more issues.

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