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Goodllifer: The Cyborg Foundation

Human Cyborg Project Wins Grand Prize in Filmmaker Competition

Neil Harbisson was born with achromatopsia, a rare condition that causes complete color blindness. He truly sees the world in black and white, and says that, as a child, he doubted the existence…

Goodlifer: In eXtinction Summer Rayne Oakes Takes Us On a Journey Through Life, Loss & Hope

Summer Rayne Oakes Takes Us On a Journey Through Life, Loss & Hope

Using personal storytelling and stirring imagery, eXtinction is an environmental short film that highlights ten of our most pressing environmental issues. These things are happening now, within our lifetime. To highlight this fact,…

The Artificial Leaf – Turning Sunlight & Water Into Energy

If plants can use nothing but sunlight as their energy source, why couldn’t we use a similar process to power the world? That’s the question chemist and MIT professor Dan Nocera asked himself…

VIDEO: Suzanne Rae’s Homage to New York City

FALL- SUZANNE RAE- F/W 2012 from PURPLE MILK on Vimeo. Brooklyn based fashion designer Suzanne Rae recently debuted a new short film to introduce her Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Directed by filmmakers Natalia Leite…

Goodlifer: Empty America - Envisioning Major Cities Without People

Empty America – Envisioning Major Cities Without People

One of the major complaints you always hear from people living in big cities is that there are just too many people. Too many tourists walk too slowly and take up too much…

Goodlifer: The Landfill

Trash Becomes Energy at a Small New York Landfill

It’s time to think differently about garbage. The United States produces 390 billion pounds of garbage every year, and finding places to dispose of it is a serious environmental and economic challenge. We…

New York Farm City – Voices of the Urban Farming Movement in NYC

“I think urban farming is only in it’s very infant stages, this is only the beginning,” says James Beard-award winning chef Patrick Connolly, of NYC eatery Bobo at the beginning of New York…


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