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Goodlifer: Startup Stories: Designed Good(s)

Startup Stories: Designed Good – Curating the Best in Design & Social Good

Starting a new business can be a tough challenge, but there are many amazing small business that are embarking on this journey with great success every day. In this new series, find out…

Goodlifer: Kick Back and Give Back in a Socially Conscious Hammock

Kick Back and Give Back in a Socially Conscious Hammock

When traveling to Costa Rica a few months ago, I became smitten with hammocks. They’re comfortable, relaxing, simple and affordable. They also lend a big dose of charm to any outdoor space. Upon…

Goodlifer: OAT Shoes - Biodegradable Kicks That (Literally) Bloom

OAT Shoes – Biodegradable Sneakers That (Literally) Bloom

If there is one type of shoe that most of us wear until it literally falls apart, it’s the sneaker. Have you ever thought about what happens to that sneaker once it’s come…

Goodlifer: Wash Cycle Laundry

Wash Cycle Laundry – Bike-Powered Laundry Pickup-and-Deliver Service

Philadelphia-based company Wash Cycle Laundry picks up your laundry using a bike-powered fleet of dedicated messengers, washes them with cold water and eco-friendly detergent, and returns them to you quickly using pedal power….

Goodlifer: Rapanui - Setting a Standard for Sustainability & Traceability in Fashion

Rapanui – Setting a Standard for Sustainability & Traceability in Fashion

“Where’d you get that?” is something we commonly answer about the clothes we are wearing. What if the question instead was “where does that come from?”— could you answer? British eco-fashion label Rapanui…

Goodlifer: Charley's Organic Toffee - Changemaking Candy

Charley’s Organic Toffee – Changemaking Candy

Everybody and his dog is making caramels or toffee these days; they’re as easy to find as ants at a picnic. But I can tell you that turning out both types of these…

Goodlifer: Quinn Popcorn

Quinn Popcorn – Microwave Popcorn Without the Chemicals

Popcorn is a comfort food for many of us. My family made countless batches of the stuff on top of the stove, and, later, in our popcorn machine (remember those?). Then, microwave popcorn…

The Providence Granola Project – Breakfast for People Who Give a Damn

If you were around in the 60s and 70s, you knew about granola, because it was inescapable. Everybody and his brother made granola back then, and, like many other foods favored by hippies,…

Oi Mei – Artisan-made Pillows for Peace

Sometimes inspiration strikes at the most unexpected moments. For Aimi Duong it happened while in Business School and spending a year abroad. She had visited rural villages in Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia…

Kyler by Joy O – Upcycled Jewelry Made in California

To me, the ultimate in casual stylishness is pairing a simple white tank top and a pair of jeans with some great jewelry and a hot pair of heels. It’s effortless elegance personified….

Zimride – A Community-Powered Ridesharing Platform That Can Keep Cars Off the Road

We all have somewhere to go, the question is: how do we get there? Services like Zipcar are becoming more popular every day, but how can we utilize all the cars that are…

ARZU Studio Hope – Rugs With a Mission

ARZU, which means “hope” in Dari, is an innovative model of social entrepreneurship that helps Afghan women weavers and their families break the cycle of poverty by providing them steady income and access…


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