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Teeny Tiny Spice Co – Flavors of the World, From Vermont

Are you in a culinary rut? Do you keep on making the same handful or two of dishes over and over? Sure, they’re quick and easy, but you’re getting awfully bored with them…

Future:Standard – Ethical Fashion for the Stylishly Conscious

I long for the day when something does not need to be labeled “green,” “sustainable” or “fair trade”—because everything is made with the utmost concern for the environment and everyone around us. Online…

Goodlifer: The Real Organic Vanilla Deal

The Real Organic Vanilla Deal

Tell me the truth: what kind of vanilla extract do you have in the house now? Is it something you bought in the grocery store? If so, too bad; you don’t know what…

John & Kira's - Chocolate with a Backstory

John & Kira’s – Chocolate with a Backstory

Do you consider chocolate to be one of the essential food groups? I know I do. I’m not talking about mass-market, overly-sweet imitations here, mind you; I mean real chocolate, made by people…

Goodlifer: Native American Snacks: Tanka Bar

Native American Snacks: Tanka Bar

This is directed toward you, Mr. or Ms. Constantly-On-The-Go. Yes, you, making do with whatever you can find when you need a snack. Too often, you reach for coffee and a doughnut; overly-caloric,…

Goodlifer: Follow Your Heart (it Knows Where to Go)

Follow Your Heart (it Knows Where to Go)

If you’re sitting at a desk in a dull office, raise your hand. If you feel stuck in a job you dislike but are scared to quit because you don’t want to give…

Goodlifer: 240 Sweet Artisan Marshmallows

240 Sweet Artisan Marshmallows

No doubt you’re aware of many businesses tripping all over themselves to assure you how “green” they are. And I think that’s fine. But I have a lot more respect for those companies,…

Goodlifer: Tierra Farm: Organic, Raw & Nutty

Tierra Farm: Organic, Raw & Nutty

There are few things happier in life than those that begin as an experiment and end up as a great success. In my way of thinking, such a situation describes the nut butters…

Goodlifer: Red Truck Bakery

Red Truck Bakery – For the Love of Bread

Before Brian Noyes started baking for a living, he was the Art Director of several national magazines including Smithsonian and House & Garden. When a new job took him to Washington, D.C. Noyes…

Goodlifer: Kahina Giving Beauty

Kahina Giving Beauty – Do-Good Skincare from Morocco

The beauty ritual is something inherently connective; women all over the world bond over creams, lotions and potions. Recently, at an organic trunkshow, I met Katharine L’Heureux, whose company Kahina Giving Beauty is…

Goodlifer: Happy Girl Kitchen Co. Packs Mason Jars Full of Flavor

Happy Girl Kitchen Co. Packs Mason Jars Full of Flavor

A year or two ago, while researching an article on ketchup, I had the plum assignment of trying every brand I could get my small hands on. What struck me was the multitude…

Goodlifer: Prepare Yourself With Survival Straps

Prepare Yourself With Survival Straps

It’s a jungle out there, we all know it. Have you ever been stuck out there in the urban wilderness thinking to yourself “Damn, I wish I had a 550 Paracord right now!”?…


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