Prepare Yourself With Survival Straps

Goodlifer: Prepare Yourself With Survival Straps

It’s a jungle out there, we all know it. Have you ever been stuck out there in the urban wilderness thinking to yourself “Damn, I wish I had a 550 Paracord right now!”? Maybe not, but that doesn’t mean you never will, and we like to be prepared, right?

Survival Straps is run by an outdoorsy Floridian family, who claims they “always had a knack for making things with paracord.” After years of making paracord bracelets, anklets, and dog collars for friends they saw that this may be a marketable idea. Maybe society’s increased paranoia and disaster preparedness hype have to do with it too? Products offered range from the normal, such as bracelets, anklets, watch straps, lanyards and key fobs, to the more bizarre, like rifle slings, dog collars and crosses.

For disaster preparedness at the Obama inauguration?

Go red-white-and-blue for patriotic disaster preparedness at the Obama inauguration.

Color options range from subdued camoflage to crazy neon.

Color options range from subdued camoflage to crazy neon.

For a more discreet James Bond type of thing, go for the anklet.

For a more discreet James Bond type of thing, go for the anklet.

550 Paracord is, in short, a parachute cord used by the military that is strong, lightweight, and invaluable in any survival kit. It is approved to hold 550 pounds of weight, hence the name. According to, each survival kit should contain no less than 25 feet of the stuff. Each Survival Bracelet is made of about 15 feet of Paracord, which we’re guessing is better than nothing. Maybe you have to repel down the side of a short high rise?

A portion of proceeds are donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, a non-profit that helps seriously wounded soldiers deal with the enormous struggles they face when they get back home.

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