Shadowplay: The Right Kind of Statement Jewelry

Goodlifer: Shadowplay: The Right Kind of Statement Jewelry

I could imagine wearing the same outfit every day, as long as I could accessorize it with amazing jewelry. Shadowplay by designer Heather Goldberg certainly fits that bill. No two pieces are alike, and all are hand-crafted using 100% natural fibers such as bamboo, cotton, silk, cashmere, mohair and organic and naturally dyed merino wool. Closures are certified fairtrade black silver and crystallized Swarowski elements add some bling.

Shadowplay designer Heather Goldberg. Portrait by Ye Rin Mok.

Shadowplay designer Heather Goldberg. Portrait by Ye Rin Mok.

Goldberg is a former intern of New York design collective ThreeasFour and LA-based label Band of Outsiders. Shadowplay was launched in November of 2009 and is based in LA (the name comes from a Joy Division song). I recently had the opportunity to ask Heather Goldberg a few questions about her philosophies and how she got where she is today.

Goodlifer: Shadowplay

What is your background?
I grew up in Miami and went to a high school that had a visual and performing arts program. It was almost like doing an undergrad in fine art, but in high school. There, I studied 2-D and 3-D art; painting, photography, and sculpture. It was really an amazing education and experience. From there, I decided I wanted to come to art school in Los Angeles, to study Fashion Design at Otis College of Art and Design. So, with my bags packed I drove the bright yellow Ford Focus that my dad gave me when I was sixteen across the country and landed in Los Angeles. I received my BFA last year, having majored in Fashion Design with a huge focus on Art History and Theory.

Goodlifer: Shadowplay

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced along the way?
The pressures of wanting to grow and expand, but still wanting it to remain small and very personal.

What advice can you give people looking to start their own jewelry company?
Do it your way.

Goodlifer: Shadowplay

Where do you find inspiration?
Mostly from feelings, moods, experiences, words, music. I like to translate those very psychological things into a visual language.

Why was it important to you to use organic and fairtrade materials?
It really just came as a natural and obvious thing to me. The way I eat and live my life definitely has a direct connection with wanting the materials I use in my work to also be very conscious.

Goodlifer: Shadowplay

Goodlifer: Shadowplay

Five Quickies for Heather:

City or Country? City for the daily, country for breaks.
Rainbow Colors or Monochrome?
Rainbow colors in my aura, monochrome in my mind.
Early Morning Yoga or Dance All Night?
Early morning yoga to start my day after I’ve danced all night.
Minimalism or Opulence?
Minimalism in my life, opulence in my work.
Summer Rain or Winter Sun?
Summer rain reminds me of home, winter sun reminds me of here. For me, it all relies on the context…

Goodlifer: Shadowplay

Goodlifer: Shadowplay

Shadowplay‘s necklaces truly are statement pieces. But it’s right kind of statement. You’re showing that you care not only about style, but the story and ethics behind it. I’m sure it would be very hard to wear one of these gorgeous pieces to a party and not get compliments and comments. What a great way to start a conversation about the importance and beauty of sustainable choices!

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  1. some of the most original and beautiful jewelry I have seen in a long time!

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