Dang Good Coconut Chips

Goodlifer: Dang Good Coconut Chips

“‘Dang, that’s good!’ often comes out of people’s mouths after they try our coconut chips,” says Vincent Kitirattragarn. Dang also happens to be his mothers name (and means “red” in Thai), so he decided it should also be the name of his company, whose coconut chips have won rave reviews by foodies everywhere.

I’m a “grazer” and tend to eat smaller meals and snacks more frequently during the day. I won’t pretend that all of my snack choices are nutrition-dense foods, but it’s nice to be able to have something that’s on the healthier side of the spectrum even if it isn’t raw veggies. It’s better still when a snack like that comes from a manufacturer who has a clue about the environment. And it’s best when the snack is delicious. If you like the sound of that, try Dang Foods Coconut Chips.

Goodlifer: Dang Good Coconut Chips

I discovered these chips in a church in San Francisco. Really! There’s a group in San Francisco that periodically puts on miniature “food shows,” thus allowing small-scale, newer food manufacturers to give their products public exposure they otherwise wouldn’t get. Dang Foods was there. Their Coconut Chips looked appetizing, but of course you can never really tell till you try something. The chips weren’t just appetizing; they were amazing! Crispy-crunchy, golden brown, a little sweet, a little salty — just about perfect. Yes, sugar and salt are added, but only modest amounts of both. The chips have a good amount of fiber, which helps to fill you up, and in case you haven’t heard, the fat in coconut is no longer considered a dietary villain.

After running a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Kitirattragarn has been able to grow the company. It is, however, still very much a family business, rooted in values such as community, culture, friendship and fun.

Goodlifer: Dang Good Coconut Chips

“We love food and we have multiple generations working to bring the best food in Thailand into your kitchen,” says Vincent Kitirattragarn (on right), Founder and Chief Culinary Officer of Dang Foods.

As is usually the case, these coconut chips have competition. A nationwide chain has brought out a similar product under their own name, and they are, as you might guess, less expensive. I like this chain, and their coconut chips are pleasant enough, but Dang Foods’ coconut chips are better by an order of magnitude. The color is more appealing, the sugar-to-salt ratio is better, and they just taste better all around.

Does Dang Foods have a clue about the environment? Yes, they do. They use IPM (integrated pest management) to eliminate the need for pesticides in their coconut groves. Synthetic fertilizers are never used. Their coconuts are non-GMO, and they are actively seeking certification from the Non-GMO Project. They use recycled paper in their packaging, marketing materials, and cardboard boxes. And one of their goals is to source 25% Fairtrade and/or organic ingredients by 2014.

Goodlifer: Dang Good Coconut Chips

Image by Graham Hiemstra, via Cool Hunting

Dang Foods says you can use their Coconut Chips in a variety of recipes, and I’m sure that’s true, but somehow they always end up being eaten straight from the bag.

The chips are available at a few stores, but you can also order them online; doing so couldn’t be easier, as you can buy them from Amazon. If you like coconut, you’ve gotta try these.

Top image by Graham Hiemstra, via Cool Hunting

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