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Investigating Personal Care Products: Juice Beauty

Having skin that is both sensitive and prone to breakouts, I’ve struggled to find products that work for me. Knowing that the skin absorbs over 60% of what we put on it, I…


Investigating Personal Care Products: Kettlepot Soap

I admit it: I’m a perfect fool for a good back massage. Many of my friends agree, but some bemoan the mess made by massage oils, which can leak from bottles or run…


Investigating Personal Care Products: JAMU Spa

Two words: spa getaway! Pack up, and we’ll grab a flight to some exotic destination and leave behind our mundane cares for a week or so. What’s that? You can’t leave your family?…


Investigating Personal Care Products: Cleure

Do you have sensitive skin? If you do, you know how difficult it can be to find personal care products that don’t cause some kind of crazy reaction for you. Sure, some of…


Investigating Personal Care Products: Burt’s Bees

Is there anyone into natural skin care who doesn’t know about Burt’s Bees? I became aware of this brand years ago, when the only place I could find them was an herb farm…


Investigating Personal Care Products: The Ugly Truth About Fragrance

We’ve all been there — suddenly enveloped in a cloud of excessive perfume in the ladies room, or stuck next to a perfume junkie on a six-hour plane ride. What’s wrong with people…


Investigating Personal Care Products: Mountain Ocean

I love coconut. I especially love a good coconut aroma; that’s what first attracted me to the products of Mountain Ocean, located in Boulder, CO. I remember first seeing their Skin Trip Soap…


The Good, The Bad & The Ugly — Investigating Personal Care Products

All natural! Organic! Vegan! Not Tested on Animals! No SLS! No parabens! No phthalates! If you’re trying to live a greener, gentler, more Earth-friendly lifestyle or have done any looking into personal care…


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