A Mind & Body Reboot: Problem, Solution & Goals

I have always been one of those people who loves working out, and never had much trouble staying in shape (besides those college years when I drank a few more beers and sweet cocktails than one should). I used to go to the gym two hours a day, five days a week, and relish every moment of it. I’ve been a vegetarian for over six years and generally eat pretty well. Yet, I’m stressed and irritable and generally not feeling so well. What happened?

I think many of us have been in a similar situation, when certain parts of life become overwhelming and others suffer. This can happen when we change jobs, have children or become injured. In my case, it was a move. A little over three years ago I left a city that had been my home for seven years, where I had a good routine and a gym that I loved, and moved to a new one. My new home, New York, had many more gyms and pretty parks to run in, but for some reason I never really got back into my groove.

For three years now I’ve kept thinking of my decreasing gym attendance as just a funk, that I will get back into it soon. But, to much dismay, I have not been able to. I have a job with long hours, I’m not an early morning person, there are lots of fun things happening every night in NYC and my energy-level is generally low at the end of the day. These are just excuses, I know I could get up earlier and workout before work, skip evening functions and go to the gym or spare an hour or two on the weekends — but most of the time I don’t.

Then, a few weeks ago, the universe decided I needed help. While attending a lunchtime function/juice tasting at Norma Kamali‘s in-store Wellness Café in Midtown Manhattan I met Magen Banwart. She is a holistic body/mind/fitness coach who focuses on reducing the effects of stress on the mind and body, optimizing energy, and maximizing flexibility and strength. Just what I need! Norma Kamali herself is a big fan, telling me: “Magen changed my life!” I had a quick chat with Banwart and everything she said just seemed to make sense to me. It was all stuff I probably knew deep inside, but needed someone to remind me of. Isn’t that how it is with all things that totally make sense? You feel like you’re heard it before.

I decided to sign up for Magen’s Best Body Re Boot class, which starts this Sunday, January 9 (there are still spots open!). I will take you on this three-week journey in a weekly diary here on Goodlifer.

At my initial meeting with Magen we spoke, over a glass of green juice, about what I want to accomplish with the program and set some goals specific for me. Besides loosing some weight and getting back into shape, the main thing I want to accomplish is inner peace and happiness, both which are more linked to what we eat than we may think. Magen told me about how certain foods can actually cause inflammations and sometimes make people depressed. The diet part of the program starts by cutting out all potential allergens for a few weeks and then slowly adding them in to see which ones may be triggers for me. So, during the first five days I will not be eating chickpeas, corn, dairy, peanuts, shellfish, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, soy, sugar, what/gluten, rice and beans. I will also not be drinking alcohol or coffee, all this to get as many toxins out of my system as possible.

Even though I am a bit ashamed to share my current less-than-ideal stats, here are the measurements from my initial weigh-in and measuring. The body fat, waist and hip measurements are the most important for me, which is why you will see that Magen and I set goals for those. I know I can do it, so here we go!

January 6, 2011
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 157.8 lbs
Body Fat: 30.4%  (goal: 18-20%)
Arm: 10.5″
Chest: 37.5″ (over clothes)
Waist: 31.875″  (goal: 30″)
Hips: 41.875″  (goal: 38-39″)
Leg: 23.375″


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A designer by trade, Johanna has always had a passion for storytelling. Born and raised in Sweden, she's lived and worked in Miami, Brooklyn and, currently, Ojai, CA. She started Goodlifer in 2008 to offer a positive outlook for the future and share great stories, discoveries, thoughts, tips and reflections around her idea of the Good Life. Johanna loves kale, wishes she had a greener thumb, and thinks everything is just a tad bit better with champagne (or green juice).
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  1. AND for added inspiration, here’s a link to 2 divine Clean Recipes ebooks by my friend Jenny Nelson (and free!) http://bit.ly/dR4LBQ and http://bit.ly/emSJDy

    both just featured on Gwyneth’s latest Goop newsletter http://goop.com/newsletter/111/)

    xx destin

    ps and as always, thanks for the being such a goddess Johanna; you are an amazing and honest model of living an authentic, fabulous life!
    (and Magen too 🙂

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