Eco-Alternatives: 7 Pieces of (Sustainable) Wood Statement Jewelry

Goodlifer: Eco-Alternatives: 7 Pieces of (Sustainable) Wood Statement Jewelry

I often see something great from a conventional brand and find myself wishing there was a good eco-alternative. Well, chances are there is. At Stockholm Fashion Week, I fell seriously in love with V Ave Shoe Repair’s wooden statement necklaces, but was also disappointed that they’re not made from sustainably harvested or reclaimed wood. So, I found 7 statement wood jewelry pieces that share that same in-your-face quality but are made like we like them, sustainably.

Goodlifer: Eco-Alternatives: 7 Pieces of (Sustainable) Wood Statement Jewelry

Madera Recycled Wood Colores Bracelet
This eco-savvy bracelet from Galerie Urbana is hand shaped from recycled Colombian wood, recycled silver and leather.

Goodlifer: Eco-Alternatives: 7 Pieces of (Sustainable) Wood Statement Jewelry

Curva Reclaimed Wood Necklace
Taking the subtle curves of the neck this necklace, made from one piece of solid wood, embraces you with its soft arcs. No two necklaces are the same.

Goodlifer: Eco-Alternatives: 7 Pieces of (Sustainable) Wood Statement Jewelry

Wooden Trinket Ring Set with Reclaimed Trinkets and Copper Chain
Designer Jo Cameron found these wooden trinkets on a discarded necklace and thought they had a real 1920s Arts & Crafts look to them. So she took them apart and linked them up with copper chain to make this pair of rings.
approx. $25,

Goodlifer: Eco-Alternatives: 7 Pieces of (Sustainable) Wood Statement Jewelry

Reclaimed Wood Stick Necklace
This necklace is like an asymmetrical piece of art around your neck. Bold yet still neutral, it’s highly versatile and can be worn with outfits both fancy and casual.

Goodlifer: Eco-Alternatives: 7 Pieces of (Sustainable) Wood Statement Jewelry

R.3: Ring in Brass and Reclaimed Wood
To make this unique, oversized piece, four pieces of reclaimed wood are joined together and belted by a strip of brass attached to a brass ring. We like.

Goodlifer: Eco-Alternatives: 7 Pieces of (Sustainable) Wood Statement Jewelry

N.1: Necklace in Brass and Reclaimed Wood
This one-of-a-kind necklace is crafted from a single sheet of brass enclosing three types of reclaimed wood, which has been stained and sealed for protection.

Goodlifer: Eco-Alternatives: 7 Pieces of (Sustainable) Wood Statement Jewelry

Cube Necklace made with Love and Reclaimed Walnut Wood
One of kind necklace is made from reclaimed walnut wood, which came from a dining table made by a major furniture company. The table was deemed unsellable because of a slight defect and was destined for the landfill before this Etsy seller rescued it and gave it a new life.

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  1. Please take a look at my work in sculptural wooden jewelry at
    From Brazil, SeiZo. Best regards.

  2. I am Bhim Prasad Sharme from Nepal. I am a hobby painting artist and now am going to expand my business on wood crafts. Looking some feasibility I could visit your web site and became very very impressive with your productions, specially the wood jewelries.
    Can I make a business with your productions, as I am from one of the famous tourist areas. If yes how we can do?
    Thanks and regards,

  3. Hi love the bracelet where can I buy one I live in the uk

  4. Please I am considering wooden jewelry sales business and I found your works. Can I please be informed on how to get your product in wholesale and all that it will take.

  5. Very beautiful jewelry. I make the simple earrings, but I love those works above.

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